FunctionLabs Helps Cabinet Noir Achieve Positive ROAS and Focus On More Important Things

Cabinet Noir was struggling to generate leads and sales through social media. They were running ads, but they weren’t seeing the results they wanted. They were also spending a lot of time and effort on social media, but they weren’t seeing a return on their investment.

The Solution

FunctionLabs worked with Cabinet Noir to develop a social media strategy that was tailored to their specific needs. They also created and managed a series of targeted ads that were delivered to unique custom audiences locally and internationally.

The Results

FunctionLabs was able to help Cabinet Noir achieve positive ROAS from their social media campaigns. This means that they were able to generate more revenue from their social media ads than they spent on them. FunctionLabs was also able to free up Cabinet Noir’s time so that they could focus on more important things like producing content and building customer relationships.


FunctionLabs was able to help Cabinet Noir achieve positive ROAS and focus on more important things by developing a tailored social media strategy and creating and managing targeted ads. If you are looking for a social media agency that can help you achieve your marketing goals, FunctionLabs is a great option.




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“I was really happy with the boost in traffic and sales that FunctionLabs gave my business. They also managed my e-commerce site, developed a media strategy, and set up dynamic paid advertising campaigns that brought in a ton of new customers.”

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