Fremantle Theatre Company

FunctionLabs Helps Fremantle Theatre Company Turn Social Media Followers into Ticket Buyers

The Challenge

The Fremantle Theatre Company was looking to increase ticket sales for their upcoming events. They had a presence on social media, but their engagement was low, and they were not using their social media channels effectively to promote their events.

The Solution

FunctionLabs conducted an audit of the company’s social media presence and developed a strategy to increase engagement and drive traffic to their event pages. The strategy focused on creating engaging content, using social media advertising, and running social media contests and giveaways. FunctionLabs also was approached to shoot photography at the Fremantle Theatre Company performances.

The Results

FunctionLabs’ social media strategy helped the Fremantle Theatre Company achieve its goals. Social media engagement was significantly increased, utilizing vibrant images and on-brand copy the event page visits and engagement were increased by 300%, and we managed to fill 90% of the seats in every show.


FunctionLabs’ social media strategy and content creation helped the Fremantle Theatre Company increase ticket sales by increasing engagement, driving traffic to their event pages, and website, while promoting upcoming events. The company is now using social media more effectively to connect with its target audience and promote its events.

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Ticket Sales


New Facebook & Instagram Followers

“We are very pleased with the results that FunctionLabs has achieved for our social media. Their strategy has helped us to increase engagement, drive traffic to our event pages, and promote our upcoming shows. We saw a significant increase in ticket sales as a result of their work. Without Taylor we wouldn’t of been able to get the butts in the seats!”

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