Highs and Lows

FunctionLabs Revitalizes Highs and Lows’ Social Media Strategy and Paid Advertising

Social Media Case Study: FunctionLabs Revitalizes Highs and Lows’ Social Media and Paid Advertising

The Challenge

Highs and Lows, a leading counterculture retailer in Perth, Western Australia founded in 2005, was looking to revitalize its paid social media strategy and existing campaigns. FunctionLabs, a social media agency, was tasked with auditing HAL’s social media channels and developing a new strategy utilizing the R-A-I-S-E methodology.

The Solution

FunctionLabs identified several areas of improvement for HAL’s social media channels:

  1. The paid content could be improved.
  2. The channels were not targeting the right audiences.
  3. The paid advertising campaigns were not effectively converting customers.

FunctionLabs developed a paid social advertising strategy that included the following:

  1. Using a variety of ad formats, including videos, images, and carousels.
  2. Experimenting with different ad placements and targeting options.
  3. Continuously optimizing ad campaigns based on performance data.
  4. Creating ‘Always On’ dynamic product ads around sale items, in-house brands, events, and content.
  5. Targeting a broader audience via META of young, creative people who are interested in counterculture fashion and culture.
  6. Developing feature campaigns for new products or promotions to increase sales conversion and ROAS.

The Results

Since implementing the new social media strategy and paid advertising campaigns, HAL has seen a significant improvement in its social media performance. The following are some of the key results:

  1. Engagement rates have increased by 38.5%.
  2. Reach has increased by 663%.
  3. Click-through rates on paid ads have increased by 20%.
  4. Online Sales generated from social media have increased by 250%.


  1. Sales have increased month on month, reaching up to 100k in October.
  2. The paid advertising campaigns have been particularly successful, driving a significant increase in website traffic and online sales.
  3. HAL has received positive feedback from customers about its new social media presence and paid advertising campaigns.


  1. It took some time to find the right mix of ad formats, placements, and targeting options.
  2. HAL had to be patient and give the new strategy time to work.


FunctionLabs’ social media strategy and paid advertising campaigns for Highs and Lows have been a success. The new strategies have resulted in increased engagement, reach, click-through rates, sales, and brand awareness. HAL is now able to reach its target audience more effectively, promote its products in a way that is both engaging and relevant, and drive significant business growth.


Monthly Online Sales




Monthly Impressions

“Working with FunctionLabs has been an absolute game-changer for Highs and Lows. Our social media game was pretty lackluster before, but they came in and transformed it into a sales machine. Our paid advertising campaigns are also crushing it now, and we’re seeing real results in terms of increased sales and brand awareness. The FunctionLabs team is top-notch, and they’re always there to help us out. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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    Highs and Lows

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